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Tammy Martin has extensive experience leading organizations through periods of significant growth and transformation. Her experience with mergers and acquisitions has resulted in the successful sale of small to mid-market firms to organizations such as IBM And United Health Group. Her experience spans public and privately held corporations, as well as private equity and venture capital backed firms. Tammy has deep industry experience leading technology firms, including SaaS and IP based software organizations. Other relevant industry experience includes health care, life science, distribution and manufacturing. In her last role, as the Chief Financial Officer at Lighthouse Computer Services, she led three acquisitions, and the exits of two of their portfolio companies to enChoice and IBM.


She is a member of Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG), Northeast Executive Advisory Capital Group (NEAG Capital) and the High Tech Financial Executives Networking group (HTFEN). She holds an MBA from Bryant University and serves as a board advisor to an early stage technology firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing.

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