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Embedded right into a standard smartphone, SpectraPixel technology combines the power of hyperspectral, 3D imaging with big-data and neural network-based AI.  Together, these technologies scientifically identify objects and their components.


FoodPhoneTM uses SpectraPixel to determine food type, quantity and macronutrient composition - even with multiple and/or mixed foods on the same plate.

- No need to type into the application.  

- No need to touch or probe the food.  

- No need to guess what or how much food is present.  

With a simple snapshot, FoodPhoneTM scientifically analyzes the food(s) and presents back the information using standard Food Nutrition Labels. The information helps users make better food choices and track their food consumption.  The data can be saved and shared with the user’s doctors, nutritionists, and trainers.   Aggregate data can be used by researchers and policy makers. It's easy!

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