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Smartdiiet delivered its first proof of concept in March 2016 and subsequently,  the company’s patent-pending SpectraPixel™ technology aims to turn any smartphone into an affordable, mobile 3D hyperspectral sensor.

SpectraPixel-enabled phones can scientifically recognize objects and their components – even when mixed with other objects.  Without any manual typing or input, the user takes a seemingly common phone photo (image). The sophisticated SpectraPixel phone camera sends the image data to specialized Cloud-based big data databases and uses cutting edge Neural Network-based AI analysis to determine the weight and subcomponents of each discrete object.

FoodPhone is the first SpectraPixel product that can detect the precise quantity and macronutrients of single, multiple, or mixed foods. Our first target market are the several hundred million (and growing) people dealing with Diabetes. FoodPhone will help identify food elements before an individual consumes the food.  The device then tracks what’s been eaten to provide intake information to the patient, family, and medical support personnel. Aggregate data will be used by researchers and policy makers. Beyond Diabetes, FoodPhone will be used to manage weight, fitness, some food allergies, religious and medical food restrictions.  FoodPhone revenues will come from technology partner licensing,  user device and data subscription, plus database access fees. The company has already lined up leading semiconductor, phone, camera and big data technology partners - as well as, consumer Diabetes market leaders. 


If you are interested in partnering or participating as an early investor, please contact us at

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